Where Auto Pronto Buys Vehicles

Auto Pronto buy most of our cars through auctions or through approved wholesale buyers. We've got a number of people whom we buy cars from that are local wholesalers. And we also go to two or three different auctions every week to try to find inventory that fits our business model and our customer's needs.

Once you get them back to our place, the vehicles go through a process of identifying which ones to keep -- we'll identify that as a point of purchase. Once we make a decision to purchase a car from an approved wholesaler or at an auction, it's, it's ready to go and all it needs to do is go through our normal reconditioning process, which is very extensive and thorough to make sure that the car is mechanically sound and also all safety aspects of the vehicle have been checked and verified to be in good working order.

If we happen to get a vehicle with things wrong that we didn't expect and that's not sellable,  we'll wholesale it.  We won't sell something or put it on the lot if it’s not something that we can fix. If it doesn't meet our standards it's liquidated through whatever channels we can do that for.

Once we get the car in, we put it into the shop where it goes through our extensive reconditioning process. We check out all the factors that make for a safe well-performing car. That includes tires.

If tires are looking worn, we replace them. We fix the air conditioner, we replace belts, hoses, fluids, and make sure that all the fluids are in good shape. We check for any drivability issues.

We road test the cars before, during, and after the reconditioning process to make sure that the car drives well, shifts smoothly, the air conditioning blows cold, and that all the accessories work. Out technicians make sure all the lights are in good, proper working order.

All told, we invest a good amount of money in making sure each car we sell is reliable, safe, and drivable -- generally anywhere from $800 to $1,500 a car.

After all that, we put it out a lot for sale and provide a free three-year, 36,000-mile warranty that covers that covers the engine, the transmission, the powertrain, the alternator, the radiator, the starter, and the air conditioner. We provide free oil changes for as long as someone owns the car, even if it’s paid off.