Taking Care of Your Vehicle

Once someone has driven their vehicle off the lot, it becomes their responsibility to protect their investment. But we stand by to help.

One of the things that we offer is free oil changes for as long as they have the car, even after it’s paid off. We provide those every 5,000 miles, and we strongly encourage our customers to take advantage of that. That's the most basic, minimal, maintenance that that a car requires.

The state laws in Texas requires everyone to have their vehicle inspected every year. So, our customers need to have their vehicles in good working order, tires in decent shape, brakes operating, and those kinds of things so that it passes a state inspection registered on a yearly basis.

Outside of an oil change and taking care of the engine, people need to take care of their tires and brakes, and that all the safety operations of the car work well, so that they’re not putting themselves or their loved ones in any kind of danger.

And then there is just keeping an eye on things. If you notice anything happening in your car that feels different or doesn’t sound right, either let the dealer know or call a repair facility. If you bought the car from Auto Pronto, call us.

Now, if the car is overheating, stop driving and call us immediately. We’ll get the car towed at no expense to make sure that there's not any engine damage or potential engine damage down the road, that overheating can cause.

We have a number of service facilities available to us to assist us with all of our service needs. We’ve got folks that can handle engine repair, transmission repair, light diagnostic, heavy duty diagnostic, drivability issues, brakes, mechanic electrical, air conditioning, repairs – anything.

And every Auto Pronto vehicle has our generous three-year, 36,000-mile warranty that covers that covers the engine, the transmission, the powertrain, the alternator, the radiator, the starter, and the air conditioner.