Auto Pronto Works With Everyone

When someone comes to buy a vehicle from Auto Pronto, we make sure the process is easy and quick.

In most instances, our approval process includes a budget where we try to work a payment that fits into our customer’s income, so that it's an affordable payment and not something that'll stretch them outside of their comfort zone.

We have down payments as low as $199. So that's certainly something affordable for folks. And we try to make sure that we don't get a payment that will put an undue stress on a customer's budget.

In most situations, if someone's approved for our in-house financing, we'll give them a list of inventory that they're approved for. Hopefully it will include something that they have said that they like, but in some instances it might be necessary that they take the vehicle that they were approved for. Then once they’ve established a good payment record we can look at a possible trade out later on down the line.

We attempt to try to fit them into vehicle that they're approved for, to what their needs are, but we don't, we don't push them one direction. If they have a large family and need a van or a third row SUV, we'll try our best to accommodate them.

If they’re looking for something with better gas mileage, we've got those options available. We've always got good options available here. We have a decent selection of SUVs and occasionally we'll have trucks, but trucks are pretty popular. So we don't always have the large inventory trucks, but we'll have one or so on hand most of the time.

We don't dictate to our customers what they need. We try to identify what their needs and wants are, and then try to tailor a vehicle to their needs.