Auto Pronto Loves Referrals

We see a lot of customers come into the Auto Pronto family because a friend or family member has referred them to us.

When somebody comes in with bad credit or no credit, we accept them and attempt to finance a car for them as long as they are 18 years old. We are happy to assist anyone who comes in the doors.

Our referral program is pretty easy. If you send someone to us and they buy a car, we'll pay $100 cash. If you send someone to us and they do not buy a car from us, we put your name in a drawing for a 32-inch color TV at the end of every month.

We’ve given away a lot of TVs and a lot of cash -- more than you can imagine, and happy to do it.

Most of our customers live paycheck to paycheck and frankly, the overwhelming majority of them are potentially weeks away from financial ruin. Anytime we are able to take care of a customer and provide them with transportation, it's a success story.

We’ve got countless numbers of people who we've been able to help by giving them transportation so that they are able to take care of their needs, their family's needs their kids, their kids' education, their kid's medical needs, getting their families to the doctor, getting them to school, making sure that they get to work on time, getting their relatives to work and providing a source of transportation.

We've got several folks who send us letters and we've got lots of very positive Google and Facebook reviews and people who have gone on social media platforms to talk about the job that we've done for our customers, how easy and beneficial the process was, what we've done to take care of them after they bought, and generally how positive an experience working with Auto Pronto is for them.

Every time we're able to impact somebody's lives in such a positive way, it's a success story for us.