Auto Pronto Helps Rebuild Credit

Here at Auto Pronto, we see a lot of folks come in who, for whatever reason, struggle with their credit scores. We understand that, and we help them get back on the road not only in a vehicle, but also to build better credit.

Good credit is important in that it provides more options when you look to buy things. When we report on-time payments to the credit bureau, it given them an opportunity to do that.

If our customers are not wanting to continue having to purchase in the buy-here pay-here space, and they want to get a new car or a later model car, or a car with less miles on it, they need to have good credit in order to be able to secure financing in the future from a bank or credit union. And that's something we help build for folks who come in with bad credit or no credit.

We give them the opportunity through making their payments on time to be able to raise that up and get them to a point where they can look at upgrading their vehicle choices in the future. Better credit scores give them more options.

A better score also enhances the opportunity for things like better insurance. Insurance companies look at your credit score when, when pricing their insurance. So having good credit can help you pay less for many things.

It’s just a credit driven world and to have good credit gives you more options than having bad credit. Simply making their timely car payments and paying other bills on time can make such a difference.

Another thing that affects a credit score besides payment history is total debt load such as student loans or credit cards or cars or houses, medical expenses -- those all have varying degrees of affecting your credit.