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Happy Customers at Auto Pronto - Buy Here Pay Here- Used Car Dealership - Longview, TX

Happy Customers at Auto Pronto - Buy Here Pay Here- Used Car Dealership - Longview, TX

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Testimonials from Auto Pronto Customers:

I cant thank yall enough for working with us in our time of severe financial problems right now,do to my terminal Illness,the cost of my meds have been out ragious&I have to have them or I cant breath,I am down sick again today thats why I havent been in,thank you all for your prayers&working with us,beleaving in us,I do promise we will get this caught up I just dont know how long its going to are all wonderful people&you are an awesome car dealership,Ive had my van a little over a year now&I still love it,thank you again for being wonderful people God BLESS you all thanks again yours trully
Clara Figueredo

I would just like to say that I thank God for the workers at Auto
Pronto especially Juanita and Amanda, they have truly been good to me during my
hard,tough and rough financial times, I loss my job in May 09 and though I found
little jobs here and there it was never enough to bounce back,they could have
repossesed my vehicle but they didn't. They were truly concerned and
understanding for what I was going through and they worked with me to bring in
what I could. You will not find any other used car lot that will work with you
like this. If you're looking to purchase a vehicle I recommend Auto Pronto
because they truly do care about you the person. Thanks you guys!!!May God bless
Shlonda E. McGriff

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